Ongoing Healthcare Modernizations

Salas O’Brien’s history with Rush University Medical Center began with the phased modernization of the central 1970s-era Atrium Hospital, including assessments and design addressing infrastructure corrective measures for code compliance. Subsequent projects have included a complete surgical suite renovation to create new operating rooms, endoscopy procedure rooms, and prep and recovery bays. We have upgraded patient rooms and pharmacies and designed a new dedicated mother/baby unit with antepartum rooms, delivery rooms, procedure rooms, post-partum care, and a nursing room. In addition, our team designed a new emergency power supply system, air handling unit replacements, central energy plant steam and chilled water expansions, oxygen tank farm replacements, a nitrogen generator, and a complete overhaul of the telecommunications system. We overcome space restrictions by placing the emergency power supply over a mile away while ensuring emergency power meets the 10-second power replacement requirement in case of a normal-power failure.

Completion Year



300,000 square feet

Project Partners

Rush University Medical Center, Eckenhoff Saunders Architects

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