Manor House Conversion

Salas O’Brien transformed a residential house into a spectacular institutional property through an extensive renovation. The all-new school campus now houses classrooms, offices, science labs, a gymnasium, and other spaces. Our team provided design services for this innovative campus, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, security, and lighting. A new lighting system was installed across the campus, creating a suitable teaching environment.

In addition, we designed the lighting control, fire alarm, and landscape lighting systems to comply with the school’s code and meet the client’s vision, and made electrical modifications to support the school’s current mechanical system and future building additions.

A new outdoor air handling unit system now features a complete air-to-air heat recovery system, including silencers, and is powered by a new water source heat pump.

Completion Year



40,000 square feet


$12.5 million


Montgomery Sisam Architects

St. Anne’s School is a unique space for young women to find their voice. They feel empowered to make a difference, they will be challenged to participate in programs that would not necessarily be offered at coeducational schools.
Sabrina D’AngeloHead of St. Anne’s School