HVAC and Roof Replacement

Salas O’Brien partnered with the Newark Unified School District to perform a condition assessment of all rooftop HVAC and electrical equipment for the entire region. The goal was to replace all the roofs while evaluating whether they should simultaneously replace HVAC and electrical equipment. We collaborated with the district’s construction management firm to develop a plan outlining a four-year schedule for replacing each school’s roof and equipment.

In partnership with the district’s roofing consultant, we provided meticulous design services and construction administration support to execute the district-wide HVAC and roof replacement plan. We produced plans and specifications based on as-builts and fieldwork. Additionally, we designed and constructed the upgrade of the entire district EMS system. The district chose lease-leaseback project delivery for some projects, ensuring a comprehensive approach.

Completion Year



800,000 square feet

Construction Cost

$15 million