Emergency Operations Center and Maintenance and Operations Building

Salas O’Brien and AEDIS Architects joined forces to bring the San Jose City College (SJCC) a state-of-the-art Maintenance and Operations (M&O) building. Our team of experts provided a full suite of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering, as well as construction management and additional critical systems like fire alarm, fire sprinkler, data, low voltage, and security.

We designed the building with the latest equipment, including new and existing electrical connections and crucial systems like a vehicle exhaust, dust collection, CO sensors, and compressed air. We added a cutting-edge photovoltaic system and completed the PG&E application, all while adhering to parameters set by AEDIS and the SJECCD Police Department.

Our team ensured the building’s future with an emergency generator and electrical infrastructure, coordination with the BAAQMD and construction administration services. The SJCC M&O building is in good hands.

Completion Year



11,900 square feet

Construction Cost

$14.3 million

Project Partner

AEDIS Architects