Baylor Hurd Welcome Center

Baylor University, a leading Texas institution, recently added the Hurd Welcome Center to campus to create a modern and functional first impression for visitors, including prospective students and event attendees. The previous facility had become outdated and couldn’t meet the university’s growing needs. The new building fulfills the need for flexibility and houses the admissions and alum relations teams.

Salas O’Brien played a pivotal role by providing acoustics and AV consulting expertise. We incorporated innovative solutions like suspended BusPorts for projectors and efficient access. One notable design feature is an ultra-wide projection screen in the auditorium that raises to reveal a full window wall with a view of the iconic Pat Neff Hall.

Despite the challenge of a vast three-story atrium, our acoustics expertise ensured a vibrant yet conversation-friendly atmosphere, accommodating large gatherings and intimate discussions. This multi-use space epitomizes Baylor University’s dedication to embracing modern technology and best practices while warmly welcoming all to its campus.


Completion Year


Construction Cost

$60 million


120,000 square feet

Project Partner