Workplace Headquarters

Crunchyroll envisioned a workplace that brings its brand and Japanese culture to life while fostering collaboration and providing a cutting-edge workspace. That’s why we teamed with Muse, the immersive design experts, to seamlessly blend the abstract with the tangible.

Our strategic renovations to former telecommunications buildings in the heart of San Francisco uncovered its historical charm, highlighted by its sturdy concrete structure and terracotta and brick exterior. This blank canvas allowed us to create a flexible and dynamic workspace that truly embodies Crunchyroll’s innovative spirit.

We initially assessed the MEP and power systems for energy efficiency. Then, we made smart upgrades to the building’s fire safety systems, lighting, HVAC, power, and data networks, saving costs and enhancing efficiency. Finally, with modern furniture, AV systems, acoustics, and signage, we created a space that showcases Crunchyroll’s unique culture, encourages collaboration, and attracts top talent in a competitive industry.

Completion Year



80,000 square feet

Construction Cost

$30 million

Project Partner

Muse & Company

Project Photography

Jason O’Rear

Salas O’Brien listened to our needs and wants and did their best to give us exactly what we wanted. I will be working with them in the future …
Joe SamboraCrunchyroll