Water Quality Research Laboratory Modernization/Expansion

The Western Ecology Division campus for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a 1950s-era research facility in Oregon. The mid-century modern architecture is characterized by clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and a functional approach that the organization wanted to preserve.
Adapting for more modern use involved seismic evaluation, structural repairs, and replacing the existing HVAC systems with cleaner versions that are more capable of handling power outages. The project also saw the construction of 4,800 square feet of new annex space for offices and storage. All this was done using a phased approach that minimized disruption to operations while taking advantage of cost savings through retrofitting the design on the existing building footprint and preserving its historical value at the same time.


Completion Year


Construction Cost

$35 million


44,000 square feet

Project Partner

Farnsworth Group