High School Mechanical and Electrical Upgrades

Salas O’Brien provided commissioning services for the pre-engineered science & robotics building at San Benito High School. The mechanical and HVAC control systems commissioned included the furnace, condensing unit, ductwork and air distribution, heat pump, exhaust fan, supply fans, split system, and HVAC controls. We also commissioned electrical systems, including lighting and daylighting controls such as scheduled activators, dimming controls, and occupancy sensors. Plumbing systems commissioned included the domestic hot water systems and water heaters. During the process, we tested approximately 25% of similar equipment. We inspected all other rooms and equipment after completing the functional testing and documented any deficiencies to ensure the school had the necessary information to make adjustments. Any deficiencies found during the verification were listed on the science and robotics building commissioning log.



Completion Year



33,849 square feet

Construction Cost

$16.9 million