CAA Ed Mirvish Theatre Harry Potter Transformation

Salas O’Brien provided electrical and lighting design services to upgrade the century-old theatre, in compliance with modern standards. The project included lighting upgrades, improved house lighting (up to 150 watts), and support for the Harry Potter Production. The geometry of the house required new production to be limited to 1,700 seats. Screen walls reconfigured the balcony seating and created intimate settings. New LED units ranging from 7.50W to 42W provide layered lighting, supplementing with 83W fixtures at orchestra level near the proscenium.

As required by the show production, we designed house lighting to work with the performance lighting system and “preset” to create the necessary effects. All heritage chandeliers were re-lamped with a proprietary 24V LED flicker-free lamp system that dims down to 0.1%.

In addition, we reduced lighting energy usage for the main house by one-fifth, decreasing maintenance and related lamp replacement costs.


Electrical, Lighting

Completion Year


Construction Cost

$5 million


21,054 square feet

Project Partners

Athos Zaghi, Guild Electric

The audience is going to inhabit the Potter environment; it’s going to be a fully physical experience
Athos ZaghiToronto-based architect and theatre consultant, in interview to the Globe and the Mail