Aquavista at Bayside

Located in the heart of Toronto, Aquavista at Bayside is a stunning residential development that offers its residents scenic views of Lake Ontario. The complex consists of phases 3 and 4, which provide 1,800 residences with modern living spaces and innovative amenities.

The unique shape of the buildings has been strategically designed to provide an unobstructed lake view while minimizing the transfer structure above the retail area. This creative structural solution allows each unit to be filled with natural light throughout the day and offers breathtaking views of Toronto’s waterfront. To further enhance this experience, Aquavista at Bayside also features a “submerged” parking garage below lake level. This way, car owners and pedestrians can enjoy a stress-free experience when driving into or out of the building.



Completion Year


Construction Cost

$120 million


700,000 square feet