1200 Broadway

Our scope included acoustics and low voltage including audiovisual, IT, and security for 1200 Broadway in the Gulch—a 26-story residential building with amenities. Like with all mixed-use developments, the live, work, and play ethos creates complexities in the acoustics due to the noise created between different types of spaces adjacent to each other. Group fitness rooms and spin studios often feature high-energy music and amplified instructors. Fitness areas also tend to have weight machines creating impact noise. For 1200 Broadway, we specified isolated floor systems and isolated ceiling systems to protect the offices below and the residences above the space. Mechanical plants are another necessary noise producer. We reviewed potential noise flanking. The solid barriers in the design and vibration isolation for the rooftop equipment reduce noise and vibrations from spilling to residences below. In addition, we provided testing for residential wall units to make sure they meet quality standards in different conditions. If an assembly didn’t pass, we collaborated to make the needed adjustments.

Completion Year



859,000 square feet

Construction Cost

$100 million

Project Partners

HKS, Turner

Project Photographer

Tom Harris