Dueling Dinosaur Lab & Exhibit

Our team at Salas O’Brien leveraged our life sciences and cultural expertise to design a one-of-a-kind Dueling Dinosaur exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. This unique project combines a scientific laboratory with a public museum, allowing visitors to gain insight into the investigation process. The laboratory features glass walls for unobstructed observation. It expands onto the sidewalk inviting passersby to watch from outside, allowing visitors to enjoy presentations and view life-size models of the dinosaur fossils.

We developed new ventilation and exhaust systems for lab experiments that may produce harmful fumes—and quiet HVAC systems so as not to interrupt other parts of the museum. To keep disruption and cost low, we reused existing infrastructure where possible while supplementing it with systems designed for research.

Completion Year

Under Construction

Construction Cost

$3 million


5,000 square feet

Project Partners

HH Architecture, Lynch Mykins

Photo Credit

Renderings courtesy of HH Architecture