Diocese of Orange Christ Cathedral

Our team created speech intelligibility through acoustic and audio design. Alongside the design team we optimized the makeup and positioning of the quatrefoils to meet acoustical, solar shading, and visual goals. We worked with the engineering team to keep air handling units quiet so that music has clarity and prayerful moments remain meaningful. The audio system provides even coverage and keeps sound energy off of reflective surfaces while blending loudspeakers into the architecture. The cathedral houses the world’s fifth largest pipe organ, the Hazel Wright Organ. By collaborating with the organ builder during the design process, we ensured the acoustics supported the instrument. Computer modeling allowed us to go through multiple designs and test assumptions. The result is a beautiful building that serves a variety of language groups throughout the region. Mass is given in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Mandarin, and we designed simultaneous translation systems to support other languages.

Completion Year



78,000 square feet

Construction Cost

$72 million

Project Partners

Johnson Fain, Snyder Langston

Project Photography

Tom Bronner