Covington Worship Center

First Baptist Church wanted to create a space that could accommodate their need for both traditional and contemporary Sunday services, with a short turnaround time between them. This required an integrated design solution that could provide acoustic elements, a movable choir loft, reconfigurable video displays, and lighting elements in one space. We created this solution by designing seating and sight-lines for the theatre, as well as color-changing LED’s which allowed the space to transform visually. We also designed acoustics and audio equipment to support high-energy music, traditional worship, and speech intelligibility. To ensure that their services could reach a wider audience, we also provided the infrastructure to broadcast television or stream online. Our design even provided children’s worship spaces which could be used as additional video venues. Our work resulted in a transformed church able to meet its goals of hosting two different types of services within the same day without sacrificing quality or accessibility.

Completion Year



158,000 square feet

Project Partners

HH Architects, Donahue Favret

Project Photography

Dan Schoedel

I appreciate the effort you gave to help the leadership ask the tough questions at the beginning of the project.
Jay JohnstonAssociate Pastor, First Baptist Church of Covington