BSL-3 Lab and Term Contract

The Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostics Laboratory (FADDL), one of the Plum Island Animal Disease Center’s tenants, receives international samples and specimens for diagnostic testing of foreign animal diseases, including the foot and mouth disease virus. As a result, the FADDL needed a Biosafety Level (BSL) -3 laboratory to sort unknown biological materials containing high-risk pathogenic agents to protect staff members and prevent the potential spread of infectious agents.

Salas O’Brien modified the existing BSL-2 laboratory to include a new Biological Safety Cabinet system, complete with a Class III IsoGard Model 14 glove box upgraded to meet BSL-3 standards. We also ensured all the associated mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems met BSL-3 design criteria.

Completion Year


Construction Cost



200 square feet