Enhancing the dining experience

Salas O’Brien has been collaborating with Landry’s Restaurants, offering mechanical, electrical, and plumbing consulting engineering services for over 20 years. With over 120 locations across the nation, these projects range from 6,500 to 8,500 square feet and encompass both standalone structures and restaurants connected to entertainment or hospitality venues.

Landry’s Restaurants has a remarkable portfolio of over 400 properties nationwide and earned a reputation for excellence. Whether it’s an exquisite ocean-front fine dining establishment or an immersive themed café, each restaurant delivers unforgettable dining experiences and
award-winning cuisines.

As a national enterprise, Landry’s sought an engineering partner capable of matching their scale while delivering exceptional service. Moreover, the leadership desired a partner capable of accommodating the distinctive designs of their diverse brands, including Saltgrass Steak House, Joe’s Crab Shack, Rainforest Café, Morton’s Grille, and Bubba Gump Steak & Ale.

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6,500 – 8,500 square feet