Shred415 Fitness Centers

Shred415 is a concept fitness chain offering clients an interval combination of strength training and treadmill work designed to help clients get fit faster. The activity in the space is deliberately high-energy to sustain motivation as people work out.

Shred415 locations are often in mixed-use developments where being a good neighbor matters. They proactively hired us to provide room acoustics, sound isolation, and noise control services for multiple locations across the United States in order to control sound in their leased spaces.

Our team provided custom-designed solutions to mitigate sound transmission and minimize noise pollution in each of the Shred415 locations. Our acoustic treatments not only improve the overall environment for the fitness chain but also helped them maintain their reputation as a good neighbor.



Completion Year



3,000-4,500 square feet

Working with the acoustics team was fantastic. The recommendations helped us save money, make things easier to construct, and improved performance.
Shinpei KuoPresident, Consolidated Development Services