New Bank Branch

Vectra Bank Colorado wanted to expand their reach by building additional branches, including a second location in Broomfield, Colorado. Salas O’Brien collaborated with this community-focused bank to ensure sound structural support for their new branch that includes an open atrium to provide customer service, drive-through service bays, and staff offices. The building was designed with modern architectural elements like unusual angles & thin roofing to match the aesthetic of the neighborhood. However, because of expansive soils on the construction site, we needed to design a deep foundation over a crawl space to prevent future movement of the structure. Despite these challenges, we achieved our goal of creating an inviting customer service experience complete with natural light afforded by two-story windows in the atrium. Not only did this strategy effectively meet customer needs but it also enabled the bank to build a strong presence in the Broomfield community.



Completion Year


Construction Cost

$2.5 million

Project Partner

MG Architects