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  • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection – Salas O’Brien provides full-service mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection design (MEP/FP), providing customized solutions for buildings and facilities of all types and sizes, with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. Contact us
  • Civil engineering – Salas O’Brien’s civil engineering team provides site development for public and private sectors from planning through construction services. With offices everywhere, we understand local regulatory requirements and can protect you from surprises. Contact us
  • Environmental engineering –  Salas O’Brien has experienced environmental engineers providing comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. The Merritt Island office specializes in regulatory compliance and permits as well as the development of mitigation practices and containment. Contact us
  • Cost segregation studies – A Cost Segregation Study (CSS) is an in-depth study of new construction or existing property renovation. A CSS analyzes new or existing property and optimally classifies depreciable assets to generate cash flow tax savings. Salas O’Brien identifies assets eligible for accelerated depreciation so the property owner can realize faster recovery of capitalized costs and near-term tax savings. Contact us
  • Facilities condition assessments – Salas O’Brien is deeply experienced in Facility Condition Assessments using various platforms ranging from BUILDER SMS to commercial software and integrated work management platforms. We help those responsible for the upkeep of buildings and infrastructure understand their component inventory, remaining useful life, and replacement costs while leveraging our analytical capabilities to prioritize where to allocate limited resources. Contact us
  • ARC flash studies / energy studies – Salas O’Brien provides programmatic power studies to help ensure that your electrical system is safe, reliable, and efficient, while minimizing the risk of downtime and damage.We provide incident energy and arc-flash hazard analyses, short-circuit, and protective device coordination studies. Our engineers collect detailed electrical system data at each site, and use this data to validate existing or to develop new one-line and electrical system floor plan drawings. We perform short circuit, equipment evaluation, arc-flash, and protective device coordination analyses using applicable NFPA, IEEE, and ANSI standards. Contact us
  • Spill prevention, control and counter measures (SPCC) – Salas O’Brien provides SPCC consulting. An example is the 900 page manual developed for NASA. Contact us
  • Occupational and system safety engineering – Salas O’Brien’s Occupational and System Safety engineers create safe and productive workspaces. Health and safety principals are applied to protect individuals and property. We reduce hazards in complex environments such as NASA’s launch facilities. Contact us



Case studies

Condition-based maintenance program at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Salas O’Brien updated NASA’s policy on “Condition Based Maintenance” (CBM), also known as Tiered Maintenance or Reliability Centered Maintenance for all of NASA’s infrastructure (NASA Interim Directive-NID 8831.124). In addition, we inspected and tiered 100% of their infrastructure and facilities, applying the new standard to all 10 NASA Field Centers and associated facilities, occupying approximately 313 million square feet of space. Learn more.

Launch Complex 41 Modifications for the United Launch Alliance (ULA)

Salas O’Brien provided comprehensive design and construction management for United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan launch site. Services included the design, engineering, and construction management of fuel and acoustical suppression water systems and engineering services for electrical, communication, fire protection, fixed water spray, storage vessel layout, environmental, and process piping. Learn more.

Science processing and ammonia vapor containment facility

NASA needed additional processing space and capabilities at the Kennedy Space Center to ensure the success of its Mars 2020 program. Salas O’Brien led Phase 1, including renovating the Flight Crew Equipment Processing Lab to provide additional clean room laboratory space and redesigning the kitchen to create seven extra Science Processing Areas. The design scope grew due to the Ammonia Vapor Containment Facility (VCF) needing to stay operational during complete construction. Therefore, we included a 20-foot expansion of the VCF without an increase to the budget. Learn more.

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