Condition Based Maintenance Program

Salas O’Brien updated NASA’s policy on “Condition Based Maintenance” (CBM), also known as Tiered Maintenance or Reliability Centered Maintenance for all of NASA’s infrastructure (NASA Interim Directive-NID 8831.124). In addition, we inspected and tiered 100% of their infrastructure and facilities, applying the new standard to all 10 NASA Field Centers and associated facilities, occupying approximately 313 million square feet of space.

To facilitate the adoption of the new maintenance standard, our team trained NASA managers and staff on the CBM process and its benefits. All policy updates, inspections, reports, and trainings were completed twelve months ahead of schedule, in just two years instead of the three years originally projected. The accelerated delivery date was possible because of our deep resource pool and concerted effort to deliver ahead of schedule—more talent, more throughput, faster results.

Completion Year



313 million square feet

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