We go to the edge to meet the needs of our clients

Salas O’Brien offers innovative technical solutions and expert advice to clients across various industries. To meet our client’s needs, we have built a talented team of specialty consulting services. We provide clients with comprehensive support and innovative solutions to meet their technical challenges.

What we can offer

We’ve grown our specialty consulting to offer a complete array of advanced services that our clients need, including the development of advanced and often groundbreaking solutions when conventional approaches can’t deliver quality results.

Building Envelope

Salas O’Brien provides building envelope services to maintain the integrity of the barrier. We provide building envelope testing, thermal imaging, moisture analysis, and more.

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Building Science

Salas O’Brien’s team are experts in building materials and systems, and how they perform in real-world conditions. We can help you improve building performance.

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Salas O’Brien identifies and mitigates the environmental impacts of projects. We also provide guidance on complying with environmental regulations and standards, and help clients to develop sustainability plans and initiatives.

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ESG consulting

Salas O’Brien’s team of experienced consultants can help you along your environmental,  social, and governance (ESG) journey to ensure that you are able to make impactful decisions that surpass corporate commitments, better inform stakeholders, and create sustained value.

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Litigation support

Salas O’Brien provides expert witnesses who can offer technical expertise and help to build a case. We can help with damage assessments, forensic analysis, and testimony in court.

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Theatre Consulting

Salas O’Brien’s theatre consulting team provides theatrical planning, lighting design, theatrical equipment, seating layout, stage design, and more.

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Asset management

Salas O’Brien helps clients to maintain and optimize their assets, identify opportunities for cost savings, and develop strategies for asset lifecycle management.

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Public-private partnerships (P3s)

Salas O’Brien facilitates access to alternative sources of funding through public and private partnerships.

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Advanced technologies & robotics

Salas O’Brien specializes in matching specific technology advancements into full application across our client organizations.

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