T-Squared Professional Engineers and Axiom Commissioning Group join Salas O’Brien expanding our presence in southern California.

San Diego-based T-Squared Professional Engineers and Axiom Commissioning Group have joined with Salas O’Brien, strengthening Salas O’Brien’s presence in Southern California and adding significant talent and portfolio in sustainable design and commissioning.

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The transaction closed on February 1, 2018, and was shared internally to the T-Squared, Axiom, and Salas O’Brien teams earlier this week. Because Salas O’Brien is 100% owned by all its team members, each T-Squared and Axiom team member will become an owner of the combined firm.

This is such an exciting period of growth for Salas O’Brien, and I’m beyond thrilled to partner with Farzad, Heather, and the team they have built at T-Squared and Axiom. Salas O’Brien will become a stronger and more vibrant organization with the added skills and leadership of the T-Squared team.
Darin AndersonChairman and CEO, Salas O’Brien

The combined company will develop an even greater national presence with significant and diverse expertise in clean energy, manufacturing, critical environments, industry, education, power transmission and distribution, and telecommunications.

From the moment we began meeting with Darin and the Salas O’Brien team, we knew we had found like-minded partners who shared our values and would allow us to keep our regional decision-making and accountability, yet experience the growth and resources of a larger firm. Joining forces is also an opportunity for our team to personally grow by expanding our work to new areas of the country.
Farzad TadayonPresident, T-Squared Professional Engineers

With such an exciting start to 2018, we can’t wait to serve you better than ever this year!