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Why did you decide to intern at Salas O’Brien, and what led you to accept a full-time role?

I chose to intern at Salas O’Brien because of their commitment to help me grow as an engineer. I accepted a full-time role because they fulfilled on that commitment and got me amazing exposure to the world of engineering. My team cared about me as a person, highlighted my strengths, and provided guidance and mentorship.

What experience during your internship made you feel confident about staying on full time?

One experience that solidified my decision to stay at Salas O’Brien full time was working side by side with the process engineering team on a site. They were extremely welcoming, and the amount of knowledge that they had motivated me to want to continue to learn from them.

Can you share any moments when you felt like a valued member of the Salas O’Brien team?

There were many moments that made me feel like a valued member of the Salas O’Brien team. Whether it was coworkers stopping by my desk for a conversation, participating in company events outside of work, or when I was given new responsibilities, I always felt supported.

How has Salas O’Brien positively affected your career goals?

Salas O’Brien has positively affected my career goals by providing countless learning opportunities. Everyone I have worked with so far has offered assistance and motivation to not become complacent with what I know now, but to continue to learn and progress into the future.

Why should young professionals consider career opportunities at Salas O’Brien?

Salas O’Brien prioritizes what you want and where you want to be in the future. They will provide you with experiences to help you achieve your goals.