Students who utilize LinkedIn are far more likely to be successful in attaining job opportunities at Salas O’Brien than those who don’t. To take full advantage of the value the platform offers, it’s helpful to be aware of the common mistakes and how to avoid them. Read on for recruiter’s tips you can put into practice right away.

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Coming across as inauthentic

Technical skills are essential in the workforce, and so is authenticity. Enhance your LinkedIn and add a mix of personal information on your profile, such as:

  • Hobbies and interests.
  • Favorite music, sports, food, etc.
  • Fun facts to turn into conversation starters.

Yasmine Cerciello, a Salas O’Brien Recruiter states, “Be genuine, add a fun fact about yourself, and mention something on your LinkedIn profile that will set you apart from others. It’s always nice to remind viewers that you’re more than just your job history. It will make you more memorable.”

Forgetting to update your profile

LinkedIn functions as a digital resume, allowing recruiters to navigate pages quickly and assess a student’s fit with the organization and role.

This becomes difficult when profiles do not reflect the latest information. A student may be the most qualified candidate for an internship or entry position but could be overlooked due to a bare profile. Optimize your profile for recruiter outreach by:

  • Keeping an up-to-date and friendly photo.
  • Having a robust profile header that clearly outlines the desired role. Example: “Student searching for mechanical engineering opportunities” or “UCI senior interested in electrical engineering internship.”
  • Adding a summary to the “About” section that explains the desired career and not just previous experience.

“Students should remember that their public LinkedIn profile is like putting a billboard up on the side of a highway…If they have it halfway painted, no one will know what they’re trying to advertise,” says Steven Daniel, Salas O’Brien Technical Recruiter.

Being invisible

In 2023, 21% of Salas O’Brien’s total hires came from referrals.

Connect with Salas O’Brien team members on LinkedIn to build meaningful relationships and take advantage of this statistic. Reach out, show interest in early career opportunities, and ask for:

  • Career advice
  • Industry groups to join
  • Anything else that could help in your career journey

“As a student, you should connect with recruiters directly, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to introduce yourself and even better, make yourself stand out. It shows recruiters your interest and motivation,” voices Yasmine Cerciello, Salas O’Brien Recruiter.

Not requesting skill endorsements

Showcase your professional abilities within the “Skills” section of your LinkedIn profile. Add talents here and ask leaders in your life to give you an “endorsement.” Endorsements are acknowledgments or signatures that show recruiters that you are proficient in said skills.

Leaders in your life may be:

  • School faculty and staff
  • Athletic or extracurricular coaches
  • Managers from previous jobs

Shying away from “stretch” positions

Pursue positions even if they appear to require experience slightly beyond what you currently have. Applying for a “stretch” position could put you on the recruiter’s radar for other opportunities.

Salas O’Brien example: A student in the Midwest seeking a post-graduation role applied for a mid-level position. While they didn’t have the experience required, the recruiting team recognized their interest and potential and kept them in mind when a more appropriate position in the region opened up.

Applying incorrectly

When applying for positions using the LinkedIn “Easy Apply” feature, also apply for the same position via the company website.

Why: Recruiters may prioritize resumes submitted directly through the company’s applicant tracking system, which tend to collect more in-depth information.

Bonus tip: If you come across a job position you like—apply right away, in-demand Salas O’Brien positions tend to close within 24-48 hours.

Steven Daniel, Salas O’Brien Technical Recruiter recommends, “When applying for positions, make sure you put your best resume forward. To ensure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes, share it with your parents, friends, professors, and neighbors, and even leverage AI, like ChatGPT, to proofread it multiple times.”

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John De Rosa

John De Rosa

A seasoned strategist, John De Rosa leads HR integration and programs for Salas O’Brien. Joining the firm during a transformative period, John has been instrumental in installing robust enterprise programs and streamlining internal systems to sustain Salas O’Brien’s fast-paced growth. A strong leader and team builder, John serves as Associate Vice President, Director HR Integration & Programs at Salas O’Brien. Contact him at [email protected].

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