Craig Janssen, Managing Principal for Salas O’Brien’s Technology, Theatre, and Acoustics group, is featured on the latest episode of the CSE podcast discussing how technology is impacting audience and fan engagement, opportunities for existing venues, and the future of venues in an increasingly digital world.

Whether you’re an architect, an engineer, or simply fascinated by the transformation of spaces, listen to the podcast for:

  • The intersection of technology and audience behaviors (1:00)
  • How technology is impacting audience engagement (3:27)
  • The impact of AI on audience experience (5:30)
  • Challenges and opportunities for existing venues (6:12)
  • The impact of VR/AR on live events, and the shift no one is talking about (8:06)
  • Technology’s impact on safety in venues (11:38)
  • The role of sustainability in technology design (13:32)
  • Craig shares his personal take on attending live events (15:31)
  • How technology is connecting us with each other (20:40)

Tune in now to uncover the secrets of designing functional, engaging, and sustainable venue spaces: CSE Podcast Ep 12: Craig Janssen on Designing Venue Spaces.

Craig Janssen, LEED AP

Craig Janssen, LEED AP

Craig Janssen helps leaders navigate audience engagement and technology shifts. A theatre space and technology designer for high-attendance venues, Craig has led thousands of group discovery and design meetings touching well over 10 billion in construction dollars for the spaces where people gather to share experiences. He leads the acoustics, theatre, and technology team for Salas O’Brien and serves as a Managing Principal. Contact him at [email protected]

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