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What’s your favorite part about being on the Salas O’Brien team?

One of my favorite parts of the Salas O’Brien team is the people. When I first started at the Baltimore office about a couple of months ago, everyone gave me a really warm welcome and was very inclusive immediately. Throughout the internship, people will not hesitate to include me on projects or calls and will happily explain an aspect I might not understand at first. Everyone has been super helpful and inclusive and there is always a positive vibe at work.

What’s one word that describes your internship?

One word I would use to describe my internship is exciting, because the excitement never ends. Whenever I get assigned to a new project, I always see it as a new opportunity that will help me learn something completely new.

What have you been working on at Salas O’Brien?

One project that I was able to be a part of was a special project for the Air Force community partnership. This project involved collecting feedback through interviewing a wide variety of clients and then analyzing that information to develop solutions that will strengthen the program and mitigate risks. I’ve also been assigned a special project involving Salas O’Brien’s future ESG report. Additionally, I was invited to attend a DOD climate resilience workshop in St. Louis, Missouri. This was an amazing opportunity and gave me exposure to sustainability projects and methods within the Department of Defense.

Why did you choose to intern at Salas O’Brien?

I chose to intern at Salas O’Brien because I saw it as a great new opportunity. I’m currently majoring in environmental science with a double minor in economics and entrepreneurship. Salas O’Brien brought me on as their ECC and sustainability intern in the Federal Government sector, which has already given me so much exposure to what ESG looks like within the federal space.

What’s a surprising fact about yourself?

A surprising fact about myself is that I spent last summer abroad in London interning and working on environmental sustainability.