Crime Lab

Salas O’Brien partnered with San Diego County to design AV and control systems for their crime lab’s multipurpose meeting/briefing rooms and conference rooms. We installed unique materials in the walls and ceilings to ensure the labs, offices, meeting spaces, public spaces, and a firing range were properly sound isolated. Thanks to the careful planning and execution of all involved, the crime lab can now provide a top-notch experience for its employees and guests.

The lab provides forensic analysis for 200 employees, including laboratory technicians, evidence storage, and detectives for homicide, family protection, cyber crimes, and sexual assault. In addition, it has a wide range of capabilities, including controlled substance and alcohol analysis, DNA and trace-evidence analysis, latent fingerprint development and comparison, questioned document examination, firearms and tool mark analysis, and more.

Completion Year



156,600 square feet

Construction Cost

$106 million


Gold Certified

Project Photography

Smith Group