OMB Electrical Engineers

OMB Electrical Engineers and Salas O’Brien have joined forces, broadening the scope of OMB Electrical Engineers’ services and offering its expertise to Salas O’Brien clients across the nation.

The Irvine, Corona, and Phoenix offices will continue serving clients under the leadership of Dennis McVay, Victor Becerra, Roy Lopez, and Doug Payne and will keep all regional decision-making and local accountability, while experiencing the growth and resources of a larger firm.

Please have a look at Salas O’Brien’s expertise and connect with us if you have questions about the partnership or how we can work together, locally and nationally.

Partnering with Salas O’Brien allows OMB to provide comprehensive engineering and commissioning to our clients. At the same time, it was very important for our team to find a partner that shares the same values, vision, and excellence in design. We have found that in Salas O’Brien.