I’m thankful every day for the talented team of experts who achieve outstanding results for our clients, build great relationships, and provide inspirational leadership that shapes the next generation of our firm.
Darin AndersonChairman & CEO, Salas O’Brien

Each one of our team members takes employee ownership to heart, and we pride ourselves on exemplifying our ownership values to achieve results for our clients, build and maintain strong relationships, and provide effective leadership to shape the next generation of our firm’s leaders.

Each year we recognize team members who set themselves apart through their consistent and meaningful impact on our organization’s success and delivery for clients. This year’s group of recognitions is by far our largest, and the people below represent the personal and professional growth that is possible for anyone at Salas O’Brien.

We’d especially like to highlight and recognize James Cranford, Carl Crizer, and Alen Karimi for their well-earned recognition as Principals. We’re excited to see what they will continue to achieve.


  • James Cranford: Consistently delivers exceptional results on large projects and heavily involved in training and developing engineers into highly capable leaders who develop strong client relationships.
  • Carl Crizer, PE: Has a rare combination of technical skills, people skills, and drive with an entrepreneurial flair for getting work done quickly and efficiently.
  • Alen Karimi: Launched our team’s building restoration group and grew it from a team of two to a team of more than 50.

Please also join us in celebrating the following leaders for these recognitions:

Senior Vice President

  • Joseph Angelilli, CMA
  • Farshad Arfaa, PE
  • Steven Barrow
  • Hillary Bassett
  • Bryan Cousino, PE
  • Kevin Falakfarsa
  • Joseph Gasdia
  • Grant Heslin, PMP
  • Lindsay Huff
  • Johnson Ieong
  • Thomas Iskra, PE
  • Hugh King, PE
  • Guy Mackenzie, PE
  • Matt Mandry
  • Peter McAteer
  • Simon Painter, PE
  • Jim Paulino
  • Ali Shahbazi
  • David Story, PE
  • Jon Vernau
  • Scott Waitkus, PE

Vice President

  • Scott Becraft
  • Andy Chan, PE
  • Darren Dickenson, PE
  • Patrick Giardina
  • John Hauge, PE
  • Jamie Landers, PE
  • McCammon (Mac) Mottley
  • Jesse Naughton
  • Dan Romeo, PE
  • Eric Schneider
  • Daniel Shratter, PE
  • Andrea Sojda
  • Mike Stephens

Associate Vice President

  • Monica Anderson
  • Matt Berry
  • Gordon Beverly
  • Steve Butts
  • Brylle Cabacungan, SE
  • Herb Case
  • Trevor Cella
  • Glynn Cooper
  • Tresa Crocker
  • Liz Del Risco
  • Henk DeRee
  • Matthew Goldfarb, PE
  • Damon Gonsoulin
  • Dwayne Gordon, PE
  • Doug Hammerle
  • Allan Hanson, PE
  • Joe Howard
  • Rob Hurlbut
  • Richard Klareich, PE
  • Kip Kolodziejski, RA
  • Barton Linkous, PE
  • Steven Massey, PE
  • Sandy Matthews, PE
  • Brad Miller
  • Daniel Morin
  • Arnold Morrison, AIA
  • Lindsey Olsen, PE
  • Craig Parker, PE
  • Stuart Pitts
  • Kim Rogers
  • Melissa Segreti
  • Mary Sherrets, PE
  • Samir Sheth
  • Diego Solorio, CTS
  • Dwight Stanley
  • Brian Urlaub
  • Tim Van Ostran, PE
  • Jonathan West

We’re so grateful for their hard work and dedication to excellence, and we congratulate them on the well-deserved honor!