These team members are integral to the growth and success of our company. This is the largest group of people we have ever acknowledged in this manner, and I’m so impressed that so many have taken such initiative to advance Salas O’Brien. Every day these team members are leaders in delivering technically excellent work, developing our younger team members, or serving behind the scenes.
Darin AndersonChairman & CEO, Salas O’Brien

Salas O’Brien is grateful for its team of talented professionals who exemplify our Ownership Values, embody the Salas O’Brien Difference, and model technical excellence every day.

As we do each year, we are recognizing leaders who have distinguished themselves even further. We want to celebrate their growth, how they live our values, provide consistent leadership, lift up others around them and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Each team member below was nominated by one or more principals, and each was unanimously approved by the Managing Principals for their contributions to Salas O’Brien.


  • John Floren
  • Andrew Lee
  • Brenda Ross
  • Trent Stepp
  • David van Deusen

Senior Vice President

  • Carl Crizer
  • Ed David
  • Karoline Derse
  • Misty DuPré
  • Stuart Everett

Vice President

  • Eric Anest
  • Tim Campbell
  • Thomas Jun
  • Hugh King

Associate Vice President

  • Boris Blanc
  • Bryan Cousino
  • Chris Deeke
  • Keith Douglas
  • Stephen Gorsler
  • Joey Harvin
  • Ken Howard
  • Mark Knoke
  • Ray Komorowski
  • James Landers
  • Gary Lara
  • Guy Mackenzie
  • Brian Makenas
  • Matt Mandry
  • Chris Markley
  • Morgan McGlone
  • Pam Pfeifer
  • Victor Pulido
  • Dan Romeo
  • Natalie Romeo
  • Eric Schneider
  • Matt Schuenke
  • Peter Soliman
  • David Story
  • Andrew Strickland
  • Hilda Vasquez