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What made Salas O’Brien stand out to you when searching for an internship?

When I first came across Salas O’Brien, I read the tagline Engineered for Impact. This is when I knew that the organization strived to solve problems and create an impact while doing so. The problem-solving aspect of the internship is what motivated me to apply for a position at the company and what now motivates me to continue to do my best to solve more new problems every day.

What have you been able to accomplish with Salas O’Brien?

At Salas O’Brien, I was able to tie theories I learned in school to real life engineering applications. I was able to get a better understanding of the engineering process that goes into designing a building. This was made possible by getting practical experience and being able to contribute to the designs of many structural components in high-rise residential buildings.

How have you collaborated with other interns or co-ops?

Having other interns working with me has definitely been a huge positive in my work experience here. It’s nice being able to relate with someone who has the same experience as you, ask each other work-related questions, and support each other.