Dufoe Consulting Engineers joins Salas O’Brien, strengthening mechanical engineering and sustainable design services

Salas O’Brien announced today that Dufoe Consulting Engineers has joined the company, creating a stronger combined team of mechanical engineers and sustainability designers. This expands Salas O’Brien’s presence to more than 60 North American offices with over 1,750 team members and 380 registered professionals. Dufoe will combine forces with the nearly 150 Salas O’Brien team members currently based in Phoenix, Arizona and Southern California.

Dufoe’s capabilities and portfolio complement Salas O’Brien’s mechanical engineering and sustainable design team, increasing our unique ability to provide comprehensive, multi-disciplinary services such as energy analysis, HVAC and plumbing design, fire protection, and LEED design services.

We are excited to welcome the talented team from Dufoe Consulting Engineers. Their skills and expertise will elevate our project delivery even more, bringing greater impact for the clients and communities we serve.
Darin AndersonChairman and CEO, Salas O’Brien

As the next step in Salas O’Brien’s strategy to be local everywhere, with international resources, the Dufoe team will continue to be managed by its current leaders and will adopt the Salas O’Brien name after a transition period.

We are excited for our clients to be introduced to Salas O’Brien’s broader spectrum of in-house services. Uniting with Salas O’Brien will create a future with even more opportunities for everyone.
Jeff DufoePresident, Dufoe Consulting Engineers

The merger closed on December 31, marking the eighth company to join Salas O’Brien in 2022.

Salas O’Brien continues to grow as part of an ambitious plan to create the most respected engineering firm in the world, as measured by clients and team members.


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