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What’s one word that describes your internship?

One word to describe my internship is busy, but in a good way. There’s always something going on, and there’s always something to work on. Whether it be a proposal for a brand new project, a final field review for a completed one, or something in the middle of that process, there’s never a dull moment.

What’s your favorite part about being on the Salas O’Brien team?

My favorite part of working at Salas O’Brien has to be the diversity of my work setting. By that, I mean one day I’ll be in the office, and the next day I can be a couple towns over performing a field review or investigation of a construction project. Being able to leave the office and explore the surrounding towns has been really fun, and having the security of an office where I can come and go from makes it feel like a base of operations.

What have you been working on at Salas O’Brien?

At Salas O’Brien, I work on a building restoration team. And as part of this team, I perform investigations on structures and try to uncover any deterioration the structures are experiencing. I typically will find this in the form of cracks, concrete delimitation, debonded waterproofing, leaks, and many other types. My team and I will then design a repair plan and see to the execution of that plan.