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Why did you choose to intern at Salas O’Brien?

I decided to intern with Salas O’Brien to challenge myself. While I had experience in the marketing and communications field from other internships, I’ve never worked in the AEC industry. Working with the firm was a chance for me to grow skills in the unfamiliar. It’s a huge plus when the company is known for its sustainability.

What have you been working on at Salas O’Brien?

I’ve worked on a ton of exciting projects at Salas O’Brien! From building campaign briefs, creating social media graphics, using Adobe tools, aiding internal communications, collaborating on articles, exploring data, and more.

What’s your favorite part about being on the Salas O’Brien team?

The most enjoyable aspect of my internship was working alongside the Salas O’Brien team! Everyone I came across was incredibly supportive of me and my career journey, and the support has only continued now that I have been hired as a full-time employee. As a remote worker, I feel confident knowing my team members are only a quick message or call away to collaborate or provide guidance on a project.

What’s one word that describes your internship?

A word I would use to describe my internship would be full.  While this is simple word, my internship was the complete opposite. My time interning with Salas O’Brien was full of new experiences that helped me broaden my skill sets significantly.