Salas O’Brien CEO, Darin Anderson appeared as a special guest on the Real Leaders Podcast hosted by Kevin Edwards which features “the world’s most forward-thinking impact business CEOs, leadership authors, and thought leaders.”

Listen to the podcast as Darin shares:

  • What created the ethos that defines Salas O’Brien (5:44)
  • How a people-focused culture can create lifetime employees (9:41)
  • How the interview process impacts the firm (13:12)
  • Advice for CEO’s contemplating employee ownership (15:58)
  • The key organizational factor in getting to the next step (25:35)
  • Why mergers are part of the growth strategy and how they’ve avoided the horror stories (32:47)
  • What hardships he faces as a leader in a growing organization (35:27)
  • What he does “off the court” to keep a clear heart and mind (41:18)
  • The question he asks himself every day to stay on target (44:08)

See below to listen to the full podcast or find it on your favorite podcast streaming platform.

I think that if you’re taking care of people around you, you’re creating the right environment, you’re sharing the rewards equitably and thoughtfully, then you’re going to leave a great legacy. If I can pay that forward…then I’ve done my job.
Darin AndersonChairman & CEO, Salas O’Brien