Who We Are

Salas O’Brien is an employee-owned firm providing building and facility solutions to clients across North America. Our team of engaged experts focuses on achieving high quality, great relationships, and a sustainable future.

We help clients in a variety of industries by providing mechanical and electrical engineering as well as consulting for district utilities, site planning, technology, fire protection, industrial process engineering, architecture, and more. Our specialized experience includes design for data centers, healthcare, science and technology, high-rise buildings, clean energy, education, and other building types.

Firm overview

Saving Energy Is What We Do

Through careful long-term planning and life-cycle analysis, we advise clients on strategic investments that pay big dividends. Each year our designs save clients more 51 million kWh, meaning that in our history, we’ve kept more than half a billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions out of the atmosphere.

Local Everywhere, International Resources

When you work with Salas O’Brien, you get the best of both worlds. Your project success will be driven by our international pool of experts, yet you’ll get the attentive service and focus on detail that you’d expect from a small, local firm.

Employee-Owned Means We Care

Being employee-owned means that every Salas O’Brien team member cares for each other and for the success of our clients. With a team retention rate consistently above 90%, we invest in our team as owners, and they provide clients with unmatched project continuity and consistency.

How We Create Success

With each collaboration, our relationship with you grows. We expand our knowledge, maximize our efficiency, and get stronger, project after project and year after year. That’s the power of long-term relationships.

Step 1: Listen & Collaborate

We begin by listening and collaborating to determine the best path forward.

Step 2: Understand & Define

We work to understand your needs and determine the steps, standards, and processes needed to meet them.

Step 3: Execute & Deliver

Using an integrated approach that emphasizes technical performance, project management, quality management, and safety, we execute and deliver.

Step 4: Learn & Leverage

We evaluate each project in order to learn from the experience, keep getting better, and build forward momentum.

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Salas O’Brien has been able to save the University thousands of dollars each year by effectively and efficiently reducing energy costs through upgrading our MEP design systems. They have served our campus for over 15 years and continue to provide excellent service to this day.

Urban University with 30,000+ Enrollment