Craig Janssen shares what it was like merging Idibri

Do you have a success story to share?

Just this week, we received three opportunities for big projects that we never would have heard of previously, simply because of the network with Salas O’Brien.

The biggest impact has been low friction for extended reach. All we need to do is contact someone and ask for help and they will make an introduction.

What have the opportunities been for you personally?

I’ve been deeply inspired by connecting with other leaders at Salas O’Brien. As a solo firm, it is very difficult to get access to that level of counsel and care. The relationships I’ve built are meaningful.

What has been the impact to your team members?

Our team was given a sense of stability in the new world of engineering giants. While we were a high-performing small team, our future was increasingly finding ourselves competing against far bigger companies. Individually, our team experiences far better benefits because of the scale of operation.

What has been the impact to your clients?

Our clients are getting the same team doing the same work, but with the ability to serve them in far more locations and provide a broader set of advice. Where appropriate we are now able to offer an integrated set of services, which can simplify contractual and delivery processes.

What advice would you give to firms considering merging with Salas O’Brien?

Salas O’Brien is a collection of highly entrepreneurial leaders. They don’t retire. They expand their reach. Recognize that if you are looking for a merger where you retire out, this probably isn’t the place.

The values communicated are real, lived out, and pushed at all levels. If they don’t resonate, you’re looking for something different.

Want to learn more?

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