Tim Burnham shares what it was like merging Varo

Do you have a success story to share?

Many people look at mergers as a one-way transaction, but this was different.  Darin Anderson listened as we shared what we wanted to achieve, then outlined a relationship as a true business partner.  I’ve been able to merge with Salas O’Brien and grow.

The firm I brought to Salas O’Brien was 150 people. The group I manage now is 500 and growing. We continue to bring new clients in and diversify our client base.

How has the merger positioned your firm?

My legacy firm was the first manufacturing firm to join the company. We brought the manufacturing and process markets to Salas O’Brien.  The biggest advantage we gained right away was transitioning from being seen as a regional firm to one with an expanded footprint.

What has been the impact to your clients?

Our clients now not only have the benefit of our subject matter experts, but also access to local engineers for field work, answering contractor questions, or walking them through a package. That in-person presence has been very beneficial for us and our clients.

Had we been a solo firm during the pandemic, our clients would have been much more impacted, but with the Salas O’Brien team behind us we were able to leverage local boots on the ground through travel restrictions and illnesses.

What have the opportunities been for you personally?

Instead of having to try to meet big goals on my own, I was able to team with a similar culture which gave me the resources and capabilities to help me grow.

What has been the impact to your team members?

Recently, one of our designers came to me and said, “Hey, I don’t know if anybody else has said this, but thank you for merging our firm with Salas O’Brien.”

It kind of blew me away.

As a business owner, you don’t know how your team will take it. For every potential merger candidate I’ve met, that’s always the first concern in their minds.

For our team it has created growth, more stability in the marketplace, better benefits, and the opportunity to work with new clients. They’ve been very positive about the whole process.

What advice would you give to firms considering merging with Salas O’Brien?

Ask every question that’s on your mind. Get them out in the air and get them answered.

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