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Duane Waite



Joint Command and Staff Program
Canadian Forces College

United States Marine Corp Command and Staff Program
Seneca College

Canadian Land Forces, Command and Staff Course
Seneca College

Areas of Expertise

Higher Education , Commercial, Corporate, Healthcare , Government, Military , Science & Technology , Pharmaceuticals, Industrial Manufacturing, Venue, Sports, Entertainment & Arts, Worship, MEP/FP, Technology, Commissioning, Decarbonization & Sustainability, Theatre Consulting, Lighting Design

Duane favors a hands-on approach with an eye for detail that inspires his team to consistently produce quality work. His commitment to reliable and efficient communications and information tracking systems has proven greatly advantageous on complex projects like hospital renovations.

Duane also holds unique experience as a Reserve Army Officer. Having spent seven months in Afghanistan, his leadership skills and ability to organize and observe schedules are well developed. He understands the importance of collaboration and works hard to ensure that architectural designs are never compromised.