Salas O’Brien’s seventh merger in 2022 creates a team of over 1,750 across North America

K2 has joined the company, uniting two leading firms in the technology and acoustics space. This expands Salas O’Brien’s presence to 60 North American offices with over 1,750 team members and 380 registered professionals—including over a dozen Certified Technology Specialists.

This merger increases the combined team’s ability to provide comprehensive, multi-disciplinary services like acoustical design, electronic safety and security system design, and customized audiovisual solutions. K2’s capabilities and portfolio complement Salas O’Brien’s existing technology and acoustics team, which grew significantly when Idibri joined the organization one year ago. 

As the next step in Salas O’Brien’s strategy to be local everywhere, with international resources, the K2 team will continue to be managed by its current leaders and will adopt the Salas O’Brien name after a transition period.  

“Technology and acoustics are vital for enhancing human connection in the built environment,” said Darin Anderson, Salas O’Brien chairman and CEO. “This service touches every industry sector. Adding this experienced team with outstanding leadership demonstrates our commitment to being a future-focused firm that is engineered for impact.”  

Salas O’Brien continues to grow as part of an ambitious plan to create the most respected engineering firm in the world, as measured by clients and team members.  

“K2 and Salas O’Brien share similar values, and I have tremendous respect for their approach to teamwork and client service,” said Deb Britton, K2 CEO and founding principal. “We’re very excited to unite with Salas O’Brien and build a future with even more opportunities for our team members and clients.” 

State of Wyoming

Capitol Building and Herschler Office Building

After a comprehensive renovation and expansion, Wyoming’s Capitol Building and Herschler State Office Building are now home to some of the state’s most advanced AV systems. Designed with user-friendliness and ease of use in mind, these systems allow for live media distribution to and from any location in the buildings. 

Denver Art Museum

Renovation and Additions

A new 50,000-square-foot, three-story welcome center added a restaurant, café, and event hall. The welcome center’s 10,000-square-foot Sturm Grand Pavilion features a stunning, elliptical, fluted glass wall—the first structural glass wall façade of this scale in North America to support itself without the need for intermediate framing.

Colorado School of Mines

CoorsTek Center for Applied Science

The top-of-the-line facility has versatile laboratory space and technologically advanced active learning classrooms, allowing essential collaboration in science and engineering.
Our team provided acoustics and audiovisual system design to ensure the professors leverage the cross-disciplinary strengths .