TRS and Salas O’Brien have joined forces, broadening the scope of TRS’s services and offering its expertise in roofing design, building envelope, waterproofing, and leak investigation and analysis to Salas O’Brien clients across the nation.

The Concord office will continue serving clients under the leadership of Phil Dregger and Chris Nelson and will keep all regional decision-making and local accountability, while experiencing the growth and resources of a larger firm.

Please have a look at Salas O’Brien’s expertise and contact the Concord office if you have questions about the partnership or how we can work together, locally and nationally.

We have partnered with Salas O’Brien on projects for years, and I am so pleased that our partnership can be formalized in this way. Salas O’Brien’s approach to mergers and its focus on providing national strength but local, entrepreneurial action are a perfect fit for the TRS team.

TRS President

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