Our Expertise

Salas O’Brien’s clean energy design team provides clean, renewable, and affordable energy solutions to clients around the nation. Our team specializes in providing designs for co-generation power plants as well as increasingly popular clean alternative forms of energy such as fuel cells, solar, wind, and geothermal.

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How We Can Help

  • Energy and water efficiency audits
  • Solar/PV design and integration
  • Fuel cell design and integration
  • Rebate analysis and support
  • Energy procurement
  • LEED and ENERGY STAR certification

We had an energy audit done of a job site that Salas O'Brien was responsible for. You know what? They couldn’t find anything to do—Salas O'Brien's designs had already incorporated all of the conventional and innovative elements that the conventional energy auditor identifies.

Largest US Utility Company

Recognized Experts

  • Senior-level involvement on every project
  • Highly technical expertise and certifications
  • Years of field experience
  • Ability to ask questions and solve business problems
  • Collaborative approach among all project team members