Our Expertise

Our acoustics experts are skilled in room acoustics, sound isolation, noise and vibration control, and environmental acoustics. We use advanced computer modeling and Type 1 sound level measuring equipment to solve complex noise issues.

Our mission is to assist clients with all acoustic needs in any type of built environment.

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How We Can Help

  • Room acoustics
  • Sound isolation
  • Noise and vibration control​
  • Environmental acoustics
  • Noise and noise transmission studies
  • OSHA noise exposure compliance
  • Room design concepts with 3D modeling
  • Size, volume, form, and stage-to-audience relationship

We help our clients daily with:

  • Room acoustics in sensitive spaces for performance, learning, collaboration, and entertainment.
  • Intrusion of environmental noise for projects in downtown urban environments or in proximity to airports, entertainment attractions, industrial plants, and mass transit.
  • Difficult tenant adjacency (like a meditation studio next to a high-energy cycle studio or a bowling alley above a cinema).
  • Acoustics for office spaces where productivity is key, and where web meetings place higher demands on acoustics and speech privacy.
  • Mechanical plant noise issues both inside of buildings and to adjacent buildings or property lines.
  • Noise and vibration from HVAC and plumbing.
  • Isolation of high-energy spaces such as restaurants, fitness studios, and nightclubs.
  • Speech intelligibility for spaces where communication matters.