Our Expertise

Our experts are skilled in advanced computer modeling in programs such as Sound Plan, AIM, INSUL, and EASE. We utilize Type 1 sound level measuring equipment.​

We understand the dynamics that create connection between performers and audiences, how a presenter engages a room or how the audience response fuels a performance.  We touch all of the elements of planning and technology that facilitate these interactions.

We specialize in venues that engage and connect people.  Our expertise is in venues that accommodate both hybrid and traditional events, where coordination between architecture and technology is critical to the success of the venue.  Our team combines art and engineering to create unique venues that are visually stunning, with technology that enhances the experience and extends the venue reach.  And we understand the business case of high-touch, high-tech performance venues with back-to-back shows and tight turnovers necessary to remain competitive in today’s landscape.

How We Can Help

  • Room acoustics
  • Sound isolation
  • Noise and vibration control​
  • Environmental acoustics
  • Testing of noise transmission—both airborne and structure-borne—including ASTC, AIIC, DTC, AOITC, CNEL and LDNs
  • Environmental noise studies including logging and frequency-based
  • Compliance testing for municipal noise ordinances
  • Noise exposure for factories and industrial applications. (OSHA)
  • Predictive testing and design work for CHPS, HIPPA, LEED, and WELL
  • Room design concepts with 3-D modeling
  • Size, volume, form, and stage-to-audience relationship
  • Seating and sightline layouts
  • Stage and backstage layouts
  • Audience, artist, and technical circulation with backstage and front-of-house planning
  • Rehearsal and production support space design
  • Stage machinery and rigging systems including support grids and draperies
  • Pit lifts, wagons and flexible seating systems
  • Catwalk, tension grid and pipe grid design for lighting support and access.
  • Theatrical lighting design including power and control distribution, fixtures and equipment packages