Airport Expansions and Renovations

At Salas O’Brien, we created a seamless design for the Denver International Airport’s A-train terminal and Westin Hotel in the South Terminal, expansions of Concourses B and C, and renovations to the Great Hall. BIM technology was employed to construct metal framing models tailored to existing and new infrastructure. The walls were constructed offsite due to space constraints at the project site, necessitating special structural considerations for loads incurred during transportation and installation. For Westin Hotel’s Sky Lobby at DIA, our technical know-how enabled us to tackle the challenge of structurally sound supports for a curved barrel-vaulted ceiling made up of glass fiber reinforced gypsum panels located inches away from a 60-foot cantilevered steel structure that deflects up to 6 inches in windy conditions – all while achieving the architect’s desired look.



Completion Year


Project Partners

Spacecon Specialty Contractors, RK Steel, Four Star Drywall Select Prefab, RK Mechanical

Construction Cost

$4 billion

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