West Valley Detention Center Emergency Generator

Salas O’Brien stepped up to the challenge of modernizing the West Valley Detention Center’s (WVDC) emergency generator system. Our team conducted a full assessment and designed a 20-year plan to ensure the facility’s critical support system was up-to-date.

As a 24-hour operation with 3,347 beds, the WVDC provides essential services such as inmate instruction, medical, dental, and mental health care. A reliable and modern emergency backup generator was a top priority.

Our experts discovered that upgrading to a high-efficiency pony chiller and integrating it into a new triple-1000kW backup generator system would significantly enhance reliability. We also devised a comprehensive 20-year maintenance plan, reduced site energy costs, and seamlessly integrated the generators with the existing Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system and chiller plant.

Completion Year



409,000 square feet

Construction Cost

$5 million