Case Study

University of Central Florida

Chilled Water Tank

Ranked as one of the country’s largest universities, the University of Central Florida (UCF) offers a wide array of degrees and research opportunities on the school’s metropolitan Orlando campus and at multiple regional locations throughout central Florida. Twenty-one of the university’s properties across the state—more than one million square feet—are LEED certified, and the school has sustainability policies that ensure the implementation of best practices for energy, atmosphere, and water efficiency. Salas O’Brien’s Orlando team helped bolster this commitment to sustainability and enhance the Orlando campus’s energy and water efficiency by providing design and construction administration services for a new chilled water tank.

UCF uses electrically generated chilled water to cool campus buildings, and adding a large water storage tank enabled them to generate and store chilled water at night when the electrical rates and environmental conditions are more favorable.

The new storage tank stands over 40 feet tall with a 110-foot diameter, and it holds approximately 3,000,000 gallons of water. Two pumps act in parallel to move water from the tank into the campus distribution system. The tank has reduced the campus’s electrical demand and energy consumption during peak demand periods, significantly reducing electrical energy costs.


Orlando, Florida

Design and Construction Administration Services

$4.5 Million