Case Study


San Jose, California

Energy Engineering

Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System

Valley Medical Center Photovoltaic System

This project involved energy engineering and planning for Valley Medical Center. When the County of Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System (SCVHHS) decided to install a photovoltaic system at their facility, they hired Salas O’Brien to assist the hospital write a request for proposal (RFP) for the installation of the desired photovoltaic system.

The Salas O’Brien team helped SCVHHS determine the scope of work, evaluate the proposals, and ultimately determine the best course of action during the construction of the system. Our team aided the hospital with an economic analysis and performance model for the proposed 840 kW PV systems.

Salas O’Brien also participated in county meetings to receive approval from Santa Clara County’s Board of Supervisors. Our team performed design oversight as well as review of the contractor’s submittals for code compliance and hospital standards. Over the last five years the hospital has saved 6,876,775 kWh due to this solar installation—resulting in rebate payments from PG&E of more than $3 million.