Case Study

Mount Diablo Unified School District

Ygnacio Valley High School

Sports Field Lighting System

Mount Diablo Unified School District covers 150 square miles in the eastern San Francisco Bay Area, and its low hills and valleys center on the area’s only summit and namesake landmark—Mount Diablo. The district supports over 37,000 students in grades K-12 as well as numerous adult students.

When the district’s Ygnacio Valley High School began improvements to its football and track field, they realized they would need a knowledgeable engineering partner to ensure the project’s mechanical and electrical components were up to standard. Salas O’Brien’s experience in the K-12 market as well as our engineers’ extensive electrical design expertise made our company an ideal partner for the job.

The project involved electrical assessment, planning, and design. Our team completed designs for lighting, consolidation of utility services, and electrical infrastructure. Salas O’Brien was also involved in coordination with the Division of State Architecture (DSA), including but not limited to facilitation of the DSA review and approval of the emergency lighting design in the stadium area. The finished project met the district’s goals and was executed to coordinate with the school’s academic calendar.  


Concord, California

Construction Cost:
$2 Million

Project Size:
150,000 Square Feet

Mechanical, Electrical, and Architectural Services