Case Study


Conroe, Texas

Construction Cost:

Project Size:
15,732 Square Feet

Fire Protection, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering

Montgomery County Jail

Salas O’Brien performed mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering for additions to the Montgomery County Jail. A new kitchen, cell block, and administration areas were included in this project.

Within the new additions, the following components were added: air conditioning, heating, smoke control system (make up air and exhaust), lighting, power, video surveillance cameras, and suppression systems (water, storm, sanitary, vent, and fire).

The kitchen addition included DX roof mounted equipment as well as supply and exhaust fans for the exhaust hoods. Also, new panels and transformers were added to the existing building’s electrical distribution system for the kitchen and cell block.

The main electrical service entrance to the building was rerouted to avoid the footprint of the new cell block addition. Also, natural gas was routed to serve heating coils for all new DX roof mounted equipment.

New video surveillance cameras were also added throughout the new additions and tied into the existing CCTV system.

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